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If you want to have a graceful and timeless design, start with balance and the element of symmetry. This is the philosophy behind the Winchester, a floorplan whose inspiration was grounded in the cathedrals of Europe. On a family visit to Europe, Mark Garraty, founder of Royal Texan Homes, spent a great deal of time touring historical cathedrals and churches. That included the Winchester Cathedral in his native England. “As I stood at the intersection points, between the nave and the choir, I was inspired by the beautiful, seemingly endless sightlines going in all four directions and the symmetry of it

Inspired by the mid-century population movements from urban America to suburban living, the Abbot arrives at a time and place in our modern lives where history is repeating. Creating a spacious and comfortable home with balance and options for both families and empty-nesters, the Abbott offers a feeling of large, open, and inviting spaces that flow nicely into a natural and well-appointed home. Nostalgia Meets Modern Life The sense of nostalgic Americana combined with the flow of modern life combines to offer the Abbott residents a wonderful respite from the ever-changing global dynamics and a very welcome home.

When you walk into a Doncaster you are immediately struck by the balance and elegance of this charming home inspired by cottages found in Northern England. Classic meets modern It is easy to see that classic architecture meets modern living in the Doncaster. This well-balanced home blends historical pedigree with a design that goes above and beyond to create a functional space for living. The Doncaster attends to today's family needs with its vast kitchen, large chef's pantry, masterfully crafted zones, and grand master suite - all with the thoughtful layout of living areas and private spaces. Starting at 2,800 square feet of

When the grandest places and experiences can be brought down to scale for everyday enjoyment, life can be more rewarding. The Trafalgar captures pockets of architectural interest through vast windows and abundant natural light. Symmetry forms an essential part of the principle design as the Trafalgar adheres to the Royal Texan standard of well-thought-out zoning principles brought to each home. Mark Garraty, the founder of Royal Texan Homes, was inspired to create the Trafalgar to offer classical architectural appeal for families searching for a home that blends style with warmth. Comfortable, timeless, and balanced Starting at 3,500 square feet, the Trafalgar offers comfortable