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231 East 22nd Street, Suite 23 New York NY 10010

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About Us

About Us


Our passion is evident in every Royal Texan home we create. By blending historical inspirations with contemporary designs, we ensure every home we craft carries our distinctive DNA. Our mission is simple yet profound: to design homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also resonate deeply with those who reside in them.

Royal Texan Homes has been turning dreams into architectural masterpieces in the heart of Houston since 2014. Our founder, Mark Garraty, drew inspiration from his hometown’s majestic castles and ancient battlements in Hertfordshire, England. These historical edifices ignited a fervor for architecture that transcended borders and generations.

Historically Inspired. Designed for Modern Living.


Every Royal Texan masterpiece begins with an idea, a vision. Rooted in style and historical essence, be it the allure of the classic American Craftsman, the sophisticated grace of a French-inspired house, or the captivating beauty of the Mediterranean, we delve deep into the history and essence of each style. This dedication ensures our designs are not just aesthetically compelling but also resonate with the unique spirit of our homeowners. For us, creating a home is an art, a synthesis of history, style, and individual essence.