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The Best of Regional Architecture

Our interpretation of a Modern Acadian design takes the historical practicality and style of the Acadian traditions and incorporates the flow and technology of modern life. The interiors have the…
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Modern Influence

Our offering allows you to enjoy this journey as we create something genuinely influenced by the great Modernist architects of the last century combined with our own unique zonal living…
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An American Classic

The Craftsman is a 100% pure American classic. The style offers attractive options that make it uniquely individual using historical colors and a combination of materials that could only work…
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English Country 

The Elegance of the English Countryside

The unique moments and angles on the English elevations contribute to these remarkable homes' aged beauty and purpose.
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The beautiful simplicity of life in the country

The farmhouse is our heritage, the styling is our progress, and the architectural landscape can now celebrate the American Farmhouse.
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Historically Inspired Retreat

Historically Inspired Retreat Royal Texan Homes derives our French from the Chartreuse gentilhommière, country homes historically built as retreats for the gentlemen and ladies living in town.
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Hill Country

Inspiration from the Heart of Texas

Romantic, rolling, hill country landscapes decorated with bluebonnets and oak trees inspired our Hill Country Architectural Style. However, this native-Texan style also has roots in German immigrants' traditional building methods,…
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Italian, Spanish, and French Inspiration

The Mediterranean is a vast area with a broad range of Architectural Styles, and we focus on three key influences.
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Combining Contemporary with Traditional

Combining Contemporary with Traditional Transitional is a style that travels between two destinations, contemporary and traditional. This movement has become very popular recently, but Transitional Architectural Concepts have been around…
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