Our Culture

Who Are We

Royal Texan Homes LLC is proud to be a team centered around our values of Faith Integrity and Relationship.
Designing and building a home can be an emotional journey. We understand that. Our values guide our decisions and how we work with our clients, our vendors and each other.


This is a big one as we all have a different understanding of our faith. However the basis of Faith is we believe in and answer to something bigger than ourselves. Thus in everything we do we trust in our belief that doing the right thing is our mission.


If Faith is answering to something bigger than ourselves, then integrity is the expression of that within the individual. We have to answer to ourselves in a moral capacity and conduct ourselves with a correct lens and perspective. This takes a team and discussions within the team sometimes to validate and encourage each other. Integrity and honor is also our mission.


We answer to each other. We all have a duty of care to those around us and who we encounter. We deal in honesty. As a team we are trying to give you the complete picture with trenchancy and experience. We are not interested in trying to move units, but in creating your home. We are not scared of the truth and offer a duty of care and information to everyone we meet.

What We Do

We create historically inspired homes, designed for modern living. Our mission is to offer our clients more. We are blending design, style and beauty from a period of time with the virility, functionality and restful spaces that we crave today. Our homes are not designed on a spreadsheet but in the architectural design studio. Thus our principles of zoning and aesthetic value are not compromised by profit.

Why We Do It

We all really love our job. Truly, test us and ask. Everyone in the Royal Texan Homes team really enjoys coming to work. We have a great culture, get along with each other and love designing and building homes for people. We enjoy our clients and enjoy serving and helping people create their dream homes.
However, there is a secondary “why”, and we feel this is an expression not just of our values but of our societies. In sharing this, we are not trying to influence your decision as to whether to use us or not as a home builder. We want you to work with us only if you feel we will do a great job for you. In sharing this Why we are saying this is an important part of what motivates us and if any of this motivates you, then please get involved.

The Why Wall

We have in our offices the why wall next to our team kitchen. This is a chance for us to refresh ourselves and understand how the work we do, has a wider impact. Please have a look at these organizations we are proudly supporters of and ask what a “Why Wall” for you might look like.

Independent School Districts

We believe in investing in the communities that are kind enough to host us. We support the ISD’s of the communities we work in. This is a mixture of financial support of programs and volunteer involvement in the ISD’s initiatives.
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Willis Independent School District
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Montgomery Independent School District
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Conroe Independent School District
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Huntsville Independent School District

Orphan Prevention

The majority of the world’s orphans have families. We support the concept of supporting families to stay together. If families receive the financial, emotional and instructional support that we in Texas take for granted, we can keep children with their families, break the cycle of orphanhood and help build stringer communities.
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of The HUGG Collective
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Compassion International

Anti-Human Trafficking

So many people when asked, say they would have taken a stand against slavery. However today slavery is worse than at any time in human history. We are aggressively and passionately against modern day slavery and our work with you, helps us to support the experts who accomplish great things.
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Operation Underground Railroad
Royal Texan Homes, Proud Supporter of Saved In America
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Royal Texan Homes is a proud member of the GHBA, TAB, and NAHB